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We became friends thanks to the magic of wine, a symbol of humanity and social living.

We are different but complement one another, sharing the same taste and philosophy of wine. Our professional background is in the modern wine-making of the Montalcino area, cross-contaminated with distant grape varietals and wines; we couldn’t resist the idea of coming up with our very own project, ideally representing our lifestyle and taste in wine.

Bakkanali, like the banquets in which the ancient Romans celebrated the ecstasy of living, with wine, food and the body; for this is how we met – at the table! Inebriated by ever-different wines, in search of those emotions that make us feel truly alive.

This is what Bakkanali will be: a celebration of our enthusiasm, of the people we love and the world of wine that makes us so happy.


ugo fabbri

When I was a little boy, my grandfather used to pour a little wine into my glass of water, saying: “Drink this, it’s good for the blood!”

I started out working in ideas and communications before coming across a field that interested me even more: wine. I came to Montalcino 10 years ago and started hungrily devouring this area’s magical nature and legendary characters, whose stories and life experiences – as well, of course, as their bottles – contributed to the formation of my palate, influencing my philosophy of wine-making.

By no means shy, sometimes even too exuberant, I have attempted to convey my personality in sales over the years, treating wine seriously but without forgetting its original spirit of conviviality and cheer.

BAKKANALI is a dream come true for me, a major professional and human challenge, placing my bets on a unique terroir that remains to be fully discovered and exploited.


sebastian nasello

I was born and grew up in Tuscany, where I studied oenology and wine-growing before coming to Montalcino in 2009. Here I had the good luck to meet the perfect mentors, who helped me to open up and go beyond technique, developing my sensitivity.

I spend more than ten years at Podere le Ripi, participating in an incredible adventure, welcoming the utopian vision of a different kind of wine-marker, learning about biodynamics and building a talented team that managed to give voice to a very difficult terroir, drawing our inspiration from the most magical producers of Brunello wine. The satisfaction of winning the 2015 Premio Gambelli confirmed that I was on the right path.

For many years now I have been focusing on the least-known wine-growing areas, in search of wines and wine-markers who can broaden my horizons even further; everything I do revolves around wine, from my friendships to my travel and leisure time. Any occasion offers an opportunity to open a new bottle and learn something new. In the stories and wines of little-known Tuscan wine-makers, I found the courage to take the big step, and Ugo and I decided to start out on our own adventure in 2021.

We see Bakkanali as an incubator of talent, an opportunity to bring together young people like us under a single roof, sharing our passion and curiosity about the world of wine and agriculture.

Località Poggioferro SNC 58038 Seggiano (GR)  |  P.I. 01707870539  |  |  +39 338 2213147  |    Instagram

Località Poggioferro SNC 58038 Seggiano (GR)  |  P.I. 01707870539  |  +39 338 2213147  |    Instagram

Località Poggioferro SNC 58038 Seggiano (GR) | +39 338 2213147

BAKKANALI Società agricola Srl © 2024. All Rights Reserved.  |  Credits

BAKKANALI Società agricola Srl
© 2024. All Rights Reserved.  |  Credits